The Story

                                                      How i came to admire the  Fiero =

   In the late 80's and early 90's i had worked on several people's Fiero's and didn't
   really see what all the fuss was about , rather fun car but  no power { smog motors }
   very poor paint life , and pretty expensive.

            In the late 90's  as my family grew up , i began to look for another hobby.
    Corey Rudhl  had introduced me to kit cars through his direct mail books and magazines.

            Surprisingly , I found that  many of these were built on Fiero chassis , that the entire body work
   could be removed and you could still drive the car away!

            I acquired several  84 , 85 , 86 cars over the next  few years .But in early 2004 i saw a website from
  v8 Archie who was putting Chevy v8 engines in the cars.

            Then i saw a web-page from the FIERO FACTORY , who were installing the 4.9 engine , it would use the FIERO
 5 speed trans axle , and you didn't  have  to use special  half shafts.

            In the spring of 2006  two of my vehicles were involved in a tornado touchdown.
           The 86 2m4 shown here was lifted , turned and dropped from an unknown height. The oil pressure sending unit was sheared off by some object . Unaware of the damage the car was driven away , all the oil pumped out and the engine  gave up { seized}

           So much for all those synthetic oil commercials. {Happened in 2 miles }

            Since this was a hobby project  it has taken 3 years to get it to the point you see  on this site.
  { updated as applicable }.

           Check out the install pages for the progress and the blog if you have any comments , advice, or tell us what
    you think of our site, what would make it better.

                                                       The  KATZKARZ   families

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